Embedding Gists with Jekyll and Github Pages

Github gists can be embedded into Jekyll pages using the gist tag.

Configuring Jekyll

Follow the installation guide indicated here. The steps are listed here for reference just in case.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Append the jekyll-gist following package to your Gemfile.
gem 'jekyll-gist'
  1. Add the package to the _config.yml file as shown.
  - jekyll-gist
  1. Add the dependency to Gemfile.lock.

Adding the Gist to the Post

Now we can embed existing gists using the gist Liquid template tag and the gist ID.

For the gist URL below the gist_id will be c1d2dcfd507a9a1fd5848af60ac92d70.


The template to be inserted should then look as shown below.

{% gist c1d2dcfd507a9a1fd5848af60ac92d70 %}

Which renders into this nifty little code block: